Sejarah Lydias Diery

Lydias Diery ditubuhkan pada tahun 2004 yang pada mulanya ingin mencuba nasib dalam sebuah pertandingan Battle of The Band anjuran pelajar UiTM Shah Alam.

Pada awalnya, Lydias Diery dikenali sebagai Fake Plastic Hair yang memainkan music grunge, comedy dan rock n roll. Pada tahun 2005, ahli-ahli asal kumpulan ini telah bercadang untuk menukarkan konsep muzik mereka kepada muzik lebih soft, rock, ballad dan sedikit unsur berat kepada muzik mereka yang mana mereka klasifikasikan campuran-campuran muzik ini sebagai music alternative.

Penukaran konsep muzik ini juga menyebabkan mereka bercadang untuk menukarkan nama mereka kepada nama yang lebih bersesuaian hinggalah pada satu hari salah seorang anggota asal kumpulan ini menemui sebuah diari yang dimiliki oleh seorang gadis bernama Lydia.

Bermula dari situ, nama Fake Plastic Hair telah bertukar menjadi nama Lydias Diery (Lydia's Diary) sempena penemuan diari misteri yang telah banyak memberikan inspirasi kepada hasil-hasil muzik mereka.

Botaq: Vocal & 2nd guitar
Asrap: Lead Guitar
Aus: Bass
Lee Ja: Drum

Botaq: Vocal & Acoustic Guitar
Asrap: Lead Guitar
Megat: 2nd Guitar
Wan Erza: Drum
Ejart: Bass

Botaq: Vocal & Acoustic Guitar
Wan Erza: Drum
Qayyum @ Wu Shern: Lead Guitar
San: 2nd Guitar
Fabian: Bass



Monday, November 2, 2009

I found new trick to DIET!!!! Yeaahh baby yeaahh!!!

It’s been a long time I did not watch any pornographic videos. Hmmmm… 3months probably??? Hahahaahahahaa!!!!! Today my day was not so lucky. My scooter broke down early this morning. So, I have to stay home for the rest of 24 hours before my housemate, Lan return my car back. Lan borrowed my car yesterday for 2 days coz he wanted to go to Johor Bharu visit his fiancée.

I watched TV but nothing capture my interest to watch the TV. So I decided to surf the internet and finally I surfed something nice to read or in other word, ‘TO WATCH’… How did I came across to this website, I’m not sure. It’s…. Wahahahaahhahahaa!!!!!

Just imagine, I spent almost ½ of my day watched this AMAZING website. I didn’t take my breakfast, my lunch and my dinner.. I just keep on repeating Krista Allen’s videos all days rather than other videos ….What a desperate person….. Finally I realized it’s already 11 pm…… My stomach is like yelling at me “Weiii dude, enough loooo with the porn, get something to eat!!!!”

Ok ok!!!!!!! I went downstairs from my apartment, went to nearby food stall and get something to entertain my tummy… I went to a burger stall, and the seller is ……damn…. very very veryyyyyyy HOT CHICK…. And suddenly, I imagined the girl was Krista Allen….

My di*k suddenly ‘woke up’…. Ahhhhh… c’mon!!!!! Not at this time….. The worse part was, I wore beachwear short without wearing any underwear…. Damn!!!!!!! And the short don’t have any pocket…. You know what I mean…

You know what I did to cool down myself???? I jumped….. Because there’s no seat to sit and there’s no any space to hide my “tuuuuutttt”….. People nearby me, stare at me and….. arrrrrrrhhhhhh… I DON’T GIVE A DAMN!!!!!!!!! Whatever!!!!

We can exercise at any time right???? Right ?????????? AM I RIGHT!!!!????

Hopefully, those people assumed me as an active person who always jogging and exercising at any time…. HOPEFULLY!!!!!

Done buy my burger, then, I went back to my apartment… what I did???? I didn’t eat the burger…. Again, I continued watch the porn…

PEACE!!!!!!! Long live REDTUBE!!!!