Sejarah Lydias Diery

Lydias Diery ditubuhkan pada tahun 2004 yang pada mulanya ingin mencuba nasib dalam sebuah pertandingan Battle of The Band anjuran pelajar UiTM Shah Alam.

Pada awalnya, Lydias Diery dikenali sebagai Fake Plastic Hair yang memainkan music grunge, comedy dan rock n roll. Pada tahun 2005, ahli-ahli asal kumpulan ini telah bercadang untuk menukarkan konsep muzik mereka kepada muzik lebih soft, rock, ballad dan sedikit unsur berat kepada muzik mereka yang mana mereka klasifikasikan campuran-campuran muzik ini sebagai music alternative.

Penukaran konsep muzik ini juga menyebabkan mereka bercadang untuk menukarkan nama mereka kepada nama yang lebih bersesuaian hinggalah pada satu hari salah seorang anggota asal kumpulan ini menemui sebuah diari yang dimiliki oleh seorang gadis bernama Lydia.

Bermula dari situ, nama Fake Plastic Hair telah bertukar menjadi nama Lydias Diery (Lydia's Diary) sempena penemuan diari misteri yang telah banyak memberikan inspirasi kepada hasil-hasil muzik mereka.

Botaq: Vocal & 2nd guitar
Asrap: Lead Guitar
Aus: Bass
Lee Ja: Drum

Botaq: Vocal & Acoustic Guitar
Asrap: Lead Guitar
Megat: 2nd Guitar
Wan Erza: Drum
Ejart: Bass

Botaq: Vocal & Acoustic Guitar
Wan Erza: Drum
Qayyum @ Wu Shern: Lead Guitar
San: 2nd Guitar
Fabian: Bass



Tuesday, June 9, 2009

2 Be Live

When people ask me... What do u believe? I'll stammer as i got zillion of things to believe. I believe in most of things nowadays.

Yeah, like everyone else, I do believe in God. And i have a great faith in Him. He's the one that i alwats turn to when im facing turmoil in my life. I know, it isn't supposed to be so, since as far as Islam teaches me, God ought to be consulted in every single thing. We have to thank Him, worship Him, ask for Mercy and help since we as the creations of Allah always need helps whether we realise it or stubbornly not!

Then, we move to the portion we i believe in other things in life. but there is a weird thing about my affirmative belief. They tend to turn out to be contradictiing each other. Let say, I believe that people who love to make jokes are not proffesional but the next day, i would say that they are just charming and sweet as they try to please people.

I know its so confusing and hell yeah... i still belive and still do!
..... And wut else do i believe???

I believe that one day, there will be someone for me. Waiting for me and im so sure that that particular someone suits me well... I don't care how long will it take... I'll just follow the flow and wait!

I believe that one thing special about me is i'm nice. I know, most of the time i act like a jackass but believe it or not i do have kindness in myself. its just that, i don't know how to express them.

I believe that when someone says that everything is going to be just all right, it really is. And i always hope that people are keep reminding me... Whatever happens, there always be a way to go through it. and im hoping at the same time that those people would come and help!

I believe.. that love is something special. call me sentimental or anything u want but i know deep inside u do believe the same.

And i believe that in life, the only thing that matters is to help urself having a happy life. Definition of happy is definitely not genaralised but individualised instead. So, choose and look for ur happy life. No one can tell where it is and what it is. It's ur pick. Life is always about choices! and u r the one who need to do that.

nevertheless, i do believe that life can be messy sometimes. I don't belive that God is torturing us but it's just the matter of make it more fun! But still i am not sure and absolutely not ready for a messy life coz it makes me nauseated when i think about it.

I do believe that in life, no matter how many people are hating u... There must be someone (and even more) that loves u... So, think about it! Being hated is not the end of the world even it seems so!

I still have tons of beliefs to be revealed. But its hard to spill it out!!