Sejarah Lydias Diery

Lydias Diery ditubuhkan pada tahun 2004 yang pada mulanya ingin mencuba nasib dalam sebuah pertandingan Battle of The Band anjuran pelajar UiTM Shah Alam.

Pada awalnya, Lydias Diery dikenali sebagai Fake Plastic Hair yang memainkan music grunge, comedy dan rock n roll. Pada tahun 2005, ahli-ahli asal kumpulan ini telah bercadang untuk menukarkan konsep muzik mereka kepada muzik lebih soft, rock, ballad dan sedikit unsur berat kepada muzik mereka yang mana mereka klasifikasikan campuran-campuran muzik ini sebagai music alternative.

Penukaran konsep muzik ini juga menyebabkan mereka bercadang untuk menukarkan nama mereka kepada nama yang lebih bersesuaian hinggalah pada satu hari salah seorang anggota asal kumpulan ini menemui sebuah diari yang dimiliki oleh seorang gadis bernama Lydia.

Bermula dari situ, nama Fake Plastic Hair telah bertukar menjadi nama Lydias Diery (Lydia's Diary) sempena penemuan diari misteri yang telah banyak memberikan inspirasi kepada hasil-hasil muzik mereka.

Botaq: Vocal & 2nd guitar
Asrap: Lead Guitar
Aus: Bass
Lee Ja: Drum

Botaq: Vocal & Acoustic Guitar
Asrap: Lead Guitar
Megat: 2nd Guitar
Wan Erza: Drum
Ejart: Bass

Botaq: Vocal & Acoustic Guitar
Wan Erza: Drum
Qayyum @ Wu Shern: Lead Guitar
San: 2nd Guitar
Fabian: Bass



Friday, February 13, 2009


Up until now, people especially the teenagers still talking about the most wanted band in Malaysia, HUJAN!!!! Band HUJAN has drastically changed listeners’ perception towards local music industry that our music industry is better than Indonesian music. Indeed, HUJAN has given an opening for the indie bands here to step ahead from being bounded around playing only in a small gig. Nahhhh, now, you can see how the media people give these indie bands a large coverage to get more exposures from the public.

Am I right about these? Are all these happen because of HUJAN??? Hmmmm… it just only my theory la bro…

Forget about HUJAN. I’m talking about the next potential indie bands for 2009. I’m not an expert person judging who the best are, but, well it just a sincere theory or sort of my opinions towards the upcoming most wanted indie bands in MALAYSIA.

SITUASI??? Hehehehehehehee…. This is the song that came across in my mind while I was thinking for the answers. I’m sure you know who I’m talking about, it’s
BUNKFACE!!!!! While I was driving to the office, I turned on my radio, SITUASI… during I was in my office, again the SITUASI being played in the radio, and finally, when I drove home, I turned on the radio, still the SITUASI song being played…
Even, when I was browsing my MYSPACE portal, I took a look on my friends’ myspace profile, and again the song SITUASI are being added as one of the song in their playlists’ profile.

Second band that came across, I might think that Julie Goes Overseas shall be one of 2009 indie icon. As for me, JGO music seems to be the new atmosphere for Malay Rock style that not sounds to American or Europe. The way of their singer Jazlan sings their JGO songs is not too ‘slanglish’ compare to other bands here, where the style of their singing more to English slang although the lyrics in Malay. But JGO totally different, if you listen to their songs, you won’t hear such word like ‘BISA’, or ‘Sengau2’ elements in a way of Jazlan singing. Gently speaking, I dare to say Makcik2 or Pakcik2 yg dok kat kampong also will love to here JGO songs.

Next, an electro pop rock band from Selayang named themselves MAXIMUS. I am 100 % believe that this band can make something fresh to the listeners to be entertained with. Our ears have been feed up with powerpop, indie, rock, pop, punk, grunge that are too typical with foreigner music. It’s so boring to see NIRVANA MALAYSIA. Let NIRVANA be NIRVANA laaa right??? Why should we have The Malaysian’s Nirvana or the Malaysian’s Greenday or what so ever… It just shows that we are not creative enough to come out with an originality to show to the crowds. If that the fact, let me introduce you MAXIMUS. If you guys browsing to their myspace page and you listen to the playlist songs in their page, 1st impression you will say that their music elements are slightly like Indonesian bands. I agreed with that too, but after listening to MAXIMUS promo album, my perceptions are wrong. MAXIMUS is totally a band that comes with originality in their music. The mix among different style of guitar, singing and drumming pattern was blended nicely enough to create a spice in MAXIMUS music that shall goose bumps whoever listeners that listen to their music. Even MAT METAL pn bley layan beb……

Finally, the next icon that came across to my mind is, of coz my band LYDIAS DIERY!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA!!!!!! (GELAK 8 JUTA KALI!!!)
After waiting for 4 years, at last, Lydias Diery shall come out with our 1st ever album, probably this May 2009. What so special about Lydias Diery, the answers is nothing special. It’s only, we have 12 good songs for you to enjoy. I repeat 12 good songs!!!!!! Plus, all the 12 songs, we made them, not cincai2 punya, among 32 songs we have created so far, the best of 12 songs was being selected to be put in this upcoming album. I promise you guys, you wont feel regret after buying this album, but you will regret if you lost or misplace this album after you buy it….. So, my advices, if you lost this album, buy it again. Ngeh ngeh ngeh ngehhhhhhhh…..

Ok that’s all peeps!!!!!!! Actually, there’s no point at all I’m typing this blog entry. It just I’m trying to promote my upcoming album…. So, cerita di atas hanyalah rekaan semata2… merepek je lebih….hihihihihihhihihih