Sejarah Lydias Diery

Lydias Diery ditubuhkan pada tahun 2004 yang pada mulanya ingin mencuba nasib dalam sebuah pertandingan Battle of The Band anjuran pelajar UiTM Shah Alam.

Pada awalnya, Lydias Diery dikenali sebagai Fake Plastic Hair yang memainkan music grunge, comedy dan rock n roll. Pada tahun 2005, ahli-ahli asal kumpulan ini telah bercadang untuk menukarkan konsep muzik mereka kepada muzik lebih soft, rock, ballad dan sedikit unsur berat kepada muzik mereka yang mana mereka klasifikasikan campuran-campuran muzik ini sebagai music alternative.

Penukaran konsep muzik ini juga menyebabkan mereka bercadang untuk menukarkan nama mereka kepada nama yang lebih bersesuaian hinggalah pada satu hari salah seorang anggota asal kumpulan ini menemui sebuah diari yang dimiliki oleh seorang gadis bernama Lydia.

Bermula dari situ, nama Fake Plastic Hair telah bertukar menjadi nama Lydias Diery (Lydia's Diary) sempena penemuan diari misteri yang telah banyak memberikan inspirasi kepada hasil-hasil muzik mereka.

Botaq: Vocal & 2nd guitar
Asrap: Lead Guitar
Aus: Bass
Lee Ja: Drum

Botaq: Vocal & Acoustic Guitar
Asrap: Lead Guitar
Megat: 2nd Guitar
Wan Erza: Drum
Ejart: Bass

Botaq: Vocal & Acoustic Guitar
Wan Erza: Drum
Qayyum @ Wu Shern: Lead Guitar
San: 2nd Guitar
Fabian: Bass



Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Guys, check out my new project with Ayid of Sonic Mush, a duo project with acoustic pop style. The name is “Botaq & Ayid”…. Here’s the link for u guys to check forward on our songs, . Sorry for the quality of lo fi sounds. Perhaps, next time we’ll have a proper record. (yeaaaahhhh….rare sounds!!!! That’s soooooooooo meeeee!!!!)

Ayid and I were town buddies since I was in UiTM Shah Alam and we used to hang out around Shah Alam and playing music for fun although we’re in different bands. We’d freestyling a lot just having fun, few years after that, we met again and come out with an idea to produce some acoustic stuffs. So, we started writing songs and finally we decided to do some live shows.

Being a duo music player is not as same as being in a band. Being a duo player means a lot of fun and a lot of work. We always believe, to be on the top, then, we have to hustle!! We also dabble in the business side of things with Imagica Music Resources (previously known as Imagica Music Community and Jemari Team) so we can be multi-faceted.

As far now, thanks to our minor supporters that mostly comes from our buddies who support Lydias Diery (my band) and Sonic Mush (Ayid’s band). We make ‘Romantic Comedy’ songs that are mostly true about our story in our love’s life. People these days have an electric ear, where one minute they’ll listen to Jason Mraz, then My Chemical Romance, then Rock Kapak, Meet Uncle Hussein and so2 on… Our own tastes reflect this too, so we’ll dabble with some MTV artist, big names, rock legends, whatever we feel like at the time…

So, pals…. Check it out.. Hehehehehehee… By the way, we’ll be in Burger King New Outlet Section 13 Shah Alam, near Giant and Stadium this 18th October 2008 starting on 12 p.m onwards. This will be our 1st duo show with Nitrus, Bunkface, Stonebay, Zana AF and more musicians…. Do come and support us…